Enabling fixed and low latency in your Ethernet systems

TransPacket FUSION provides scalable IP Cores with support for 1G, 10G, and 100G Ethernet interfaces with fixed and low latency switching. TransPacket FUSION is a patented packet technology enabling Ethernet switching with no Packet Delay Variation (PDV). It concurrently supports time-sensitive services alongside traditional packet services related to new networking paradigms including 5G, the Internet of Things and Industry 4.0. Several Scandinavian carriers have deployed FUSION networking.

The TransPacket IP Cores make the FUSION technology available to the market of e.g. carriers, enterprises and data centers. Our core market focus is applications within

  • Mobile fronthaul/backhaul
  • Metro/access networks

Mobile fronthaul/backhaul

Future high-density high-capacity broadband networks like 5G need to support millisecond end-to-end latencies to enable time-sensitive applications, e.g. machine automation, or vehicle-to-vehicle communication. The TransPacket FUSION technology is particularly suited for the next generation mobile fronthaul and backhaul, where cost efficient converged solutions will be a key driver for financially feasible network rollout.

Ethernet proves to be a core standard going forward. The main challenges with Ethernet-based fronthaul are related to the strict real time constraints, including the strict microsecond range latency requirements. Being a technology that provides the opportunity to concurrently transport time-sensitive traffic alongside ordinary Ethernet packet traffic, TransPacket FUSION will be a key enabler for future cost efficient mobile network rollout.

Use case: TransPacket FUSION IP Cores for 5G Ethernet Fronthaul

Metro/access networks

Offering cost-efficient transport while still guaranteeing performance is a complex task in packet networks. The challenge is typically to provide transport of multiple types of services ranging from time-sensitive services like mobile fronthaul/backhaul, video and voice, to less demanding traditional packet data services.

The TransPacket FUSION technology supports the use of Ethernet in metro/access transport networks where both maximum data throughput and support for guaranteed services are core requirements. Carriers with a packet based infrastructure can now provide guaranteed transparent services to demanding customers, while at the same time maintaining traditional packet switched services on the same transport path. Our IP Cores enable carriers the capability of offering virtual wavelength services using the guaranteed service transport of the FUSION Ethernet transport. TransPacket FUSION enables Ethernet systems to offer fixed and low latency as known from OTN, but with the efficient capacity utilization of packet transport.

Hence, TransPacket FUSION enables unification of services across Ethernet networks and will extend the lifetime of your customers´ telecom investments.

Use case: TransPacket FUSION Ethernet Virtual Wavelengths

Other application areas

TransPacket FUSION IP Cores have a broad range of application areas including data center interconnect (DCI), energy and utility markets, transportation, trading, gaming. In all these segments cost efficient converged Ethernet solutions will be key to future competitiveness.

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