FUSION IP Cores for fixed and low latency Ethernet networking

TransPacket FUSION IP Cores enable low and fixed latency Ethernet switching supporting 1G, 10G, and 100G Ethernet interfaces. The IP Cores add time-sensitive capabilities to your current optical Ethernet systems for cost efficient full service networks. TransPacket FUSION allows timing critical services to run alongside traditional packet services within the same Ethernet link. The TransPacket offerings include NETCONF/YANG embedded software enabling seamless integration of FUSION into an SDN solution. TransPacket FUSION provides a flexible path to add time-sensitive networking to your equipment.

TransPacket IP Core products

The TransPacket FUSION 1G/10G/100G IP Cores are available for system developers and network equipment vendors that need to offer guaranteed packet transport with fixed and low delay, and with high reliability. The technology is Ethernet based and its performance for the guaranteed services is independent of network load.

TransPacket FUSION enables products with support for time-sensitive telecom services in a pre-existing Ethernet network infrastructure. The technology relies on scheduling and aggregation mechanisms that do not require external synchronization.

The following products are available:

  • FUSION 10G IP Core: Support for 10x 1GE and 2x 10GE
  • FUSION 100G IP Core: Support for 10x 10GE and 2x 100GE

Demo boards

Demo boards and nodes controllable by SDN via NETCONF are available for evaluation purposes.

TransPacket NETCONF/YANG embedded software solution

The TransPacket NETCONF/YANG embedded software solution enables standardized support for network management and SDN. It also includes SNMP support and YANG-based CLI, thus facilitating the integration in current management frameworks while enabling SDN support for cost efficient design and deployment of new services. Our NETCONF/YANG framework enables customers to simplify operations replacing the traditional and slow high-touch provisioning model with a real-time automated approach.


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