Cost efficient technology for fixed and low latency Ethernet networking

TransPacket FUSION provides scalable networking solutions with support for 1G, 10G, and 100G Ethernet interfaces with fixed and low latency switching. TransPacket FUSION is a patented packet technology enabling Ethernet switching with no Packet Delay Variation (PDV). It concurrently supports time-sensitive services alongside traditional packet services.

FUSION Five Key Differentiators

Low & Fixed Latency: FUSION provides low and fixed latency (with no loss) for time-sensitive traffic. A unique aggregation mechanism ensures fixed and low latency by preserving the timing gaps between packets in time-sensitive packet streams. Less time-sensitive packets are sent in-between the time-sensitive packets, only if they fit and without affecting the time-sensitive packet stream. This ensures optimal bandwidth utilization. The TransPacket FUSION scheduling mechanism does not require complex management and therefore ensures low OPEX.

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Coexistence: TransPacket FUSION is Ethernet compatible and allows transport through an existing Ethernet network.

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Transparent Synchronization: FUSION has a built-in synchronisation mechanism and does not rely on any external synchronization. Enabling transport of Ethernet traffic with no Packet Delay Variation, TransPacket FUSION can provide transparent transport of synchronization like IEEE 1588 packets.

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Precision OAM: FUSION keeps track of each and every data packet, and provides accurate measurement of packet loss and packet delay. This unique functionality enables a particular level of fault and performance monitoring for time critical applications. All OAM statistics are accessible via NETCONF through Yang modules.

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Ultra Fast Protection: TransPacket FUSION detects failure extremely quickly and consequently supports sub-millisecond protection schemes. This enables time-sensitive networking capabilities for high availability network services and sub-millisecond ring protection switching. The FUSION protocol scales with the number of nodes. For e.g. eight nodes, the protection time is still below one millisecond.

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