TransPacket launches IP Cores for eCPRI Ethernet 5G fronthaul

TransPacket launches unique FUSION technology IP Cores designed for delay sensitive eCPRI 5G transport and aggregation. The ultra-low delay IP Cores maximize available fibre transmission distance, and allow fronthaul and backhaul traffic to be combined on same Ethernet link.

TransPacket AS – Oslo, Norway, 15 September 2017. TransPacket announced today release of IP Cores tailored for time sensitive eCPRI 5G transport. The recently launched eCPRI specification opens the earlier proprietary fronthaul transport network by now allowing Ethernet for transport and switching. The very strict fronthaul latency requirements of 100 us one-way delay does however still stand.

TransPacket launches IP Cores designed for time sensitive eCPRI transport. The IP Cores use TransPacket FUSION technology for minimising both packet delay and packet delay variation when transporting, aggregating and switching traffic from 10 Gb/s eCPRI interfaces. Network planning and provisioning is simplified through ultra-low delay variation enabling configuration of the receive buffers to a fixed size, independent of number of network hops.

Furthermore, eCPRI no longer generates constant bitrate traffic, but follows the users traffic patterns, allowing higher bandwidth efficiency. TransPacket eCPRI transport IP Cores have the unique FUSION priority mechanism. This mechanism allows time sensitive fronthaul traffic to be combined with mobile backhaul traffic within the same network, while providing ultra-low delay and delay variation priority to the fronthaul traffic.

«Our 100Gb/s IP Core adds negligible delay to the 20 km maximum fibre distance fronthaul network. Even going across a realistic four node network, implementations using our IP Core will add a delay corresponding to only 0.6 km of fibre» says Steinar Bjørnstad, CTO of TransPacket.

TransPacket FUSION technology enables deterministic Ethernet transport with fixed and low latency. Using TransPacket FUSION IP Core, system vendors can design Ethernet equipment with a real differentiator, providing added value to their customers.

TransPacket ( has patented and developed a unique technology for optical Ethernet transport with low and fixed latency. TransPacket defines a new class of service for packet based data traffic by bringing characteristics from line- and TDM-based networks into Ethernet, while simultaneously offering the high utilization and good performance expected in packet based networks. The IP Core products from Transpacket offer significant value for applications within mobile infrastructure including front-, back- and crosshaul, and applications within optical transport for access and metro networks. The company’s headquarter is in Oslo, Norway.

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