ADVA Optical Networking and TransPacket trial deterministic Ethernet for 5G fronthaul

ADVA Optical Networking has started testing of time-sensitive Ethernet-transport, a key enabling technology for future 5G fronthaul networks. The newly released 100G IP Core from TransPacket is a main component in the trials.

TransPacket AS – Oslo, Norway, 8th of May 2017. TransPacket announced today that ADVA Optical Networking is trialing IP Cores from TransPacket in a solution for Ethernet-based mobile fronthaul. While current fronthaul interfaces are based on CPRI/OBSAI, next generation 5G interfaces will be Ethernet based. Fronthaul technologies are known to be very time-sensitive, requiring an accurate control of latency, packet delay variation and uplink-downlink delay asymmetry. Ethernet equipment supporting 5G fronthaul needs to guarantee a bounded and very low latency.

TransPacket’s FUSION technology enables deterministic Ethernet transport with fixed and low latency. Using the TransPacket FUSION 100G IP Core, system vendors can design Ethernet equipment meeting the stringent timing requirements of 5G backhaul and fronthaul applications.

The work is performed by ADVA Optical Networking in the European Union’s Horizon 2020 iCirrus project (intelligent Converged network consolidating Radio and optical access aRound USer equipment), which defines and studies the technologies required to enable the network evolution towards 5G.

“Low latency packet transport is a key issue in 5G fronthaul. The testing with TransPacket’s 100G IP Core demonstrates how future 5G fronthaul networks can be implemented with time-sensitive Ethernet”, says Christoph Glingener, CTO of ADVA Optical Networking .

“A key element for reaching the promise of cost optimized high bandwidth solutions in 5G is a Ethernet based Cloud-RAN delivering high capacity (100G), low latency and accurate synchronization. Network configuration and monitoring must be kept simple and efficient. FUSION IP Core is the unique technology available on the market today solving these challenges. ADVA Optical Networking’s tests demonstrate the suitability of our technology for 5G mobile back- and fronthaul”, says Steinar Bjørnstad, CTO of TransPacket.

TransPacket ( has patented and developed a unique technology for optical Ethernet transport with low and fixed latency. TransPacket defines a new class of service for packet based data traffic by bringing characteristics from line- and TDM-based networks into Ethernet, while simultaneously offering the high utilization and good performance expected in packet based networks. The IP Core products from Transpacket offer significant value for applications within mobile infrastructure including front-, back- and crosshaul, and applications within optical transport for access and metro networks. The company’s headquarter is in Oslo, Norway.

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