TransPacket and Polewall demonstrate 5G fronthaul solution

Latency and cost are key parameters in building the next generation 5G fronthaul. TransPacket’s newly released 100G Deterministic Ethernet IP Core combined with Polewall’s Optical Wireless link demonstrates a latency and cost optimized solution for 5G fronthaul.

TransPacket AS – Oslo, Norway, 27th of April 2017. TransPacket’s FUSION technology enables low and fixed latency Ethernet transport. Using the TransPacket FUSION 100G IP Core, system vendors can design Ethernet transport equipment meeting the strict delay requirements for 5G mobile backhaul and fronthaul.

Polewall AS – Kristiansand, Norway, 27th of April 2017. Polewall is a technology company focused on innovative Optical Wireless transport solutions for mobile backhaul and fronthaul. Polewall’s StreetHopper is capable of transmitting at 100 Gbps bidirectional up to 250m and is packaged in an attractive form factor that can fit in the palm of the hand.

The 5G mobile fronthaul requires high cell density, and puts very strict requirements to both bandwidth and latency. The high cell density calls for high capacity low cost link solutions, and Ethernet is seen as the carrier technology for 5G fronthaul deployments. While TransPacket’s 100G Deterministic Ethernet IP Core enables low and fixed latency Ethernet switching, Polewall’s Optical Wireless link provides accelerated roll-out at a very competitive cost, compared to fibre transport. Optical Wireless links drive latency further down, since light travels faster in air than in glass. In addition, Optical Wireless links will take a direct route from point A to B, where fiber takes a longer, indirect route via cabling ducts. Combining TransPacket and Polewall technologies minimizes both component cost and latency in fronthaul solutions. In the demonstration, off-the-shelf CFP4 LR4 optical modules were used in the deterministic Ethernet equipment for transmitting over the Optical Wireless link without additional optoelectronic conversions in the signal-path.

“Polewall’s Optical Wireless link powered by off-the-shelf 100G optical modules, and TransPacket deterministic Ethernet pave the way for cost-effective low-latency transport solutions for 5G, and are especially attractive where optical fibres are not already installed” says Polewall CEO Jan Eide.

“TransPacket’s deterministic IP Core minimizes latency in Ethernet switching, and enables low latency Ethernet in a fronthaul solution. Combining optical fibre transport with Polewall’s FSO approach decreases latency in an Ethernet end-to-end fronthaul solution even further” says TransPacket CTO Steinar Bjørnstad.

TransPacket ( has patented and developed a unique technology for optical Ethernet transport with low and fixed latency. TransPacket defines a new class of service for packet based data traffic by bringing characteristics from line- and TDM-based networks into Ethernet, while simultaneously offering the high utilization and good performance expected in packet based networks. The IP Core products from Transpacket offer significant value for applications within mobile infrastructure including front-, back- and crosshaul, and applications within optical transport for access and metro networks. The company’s headquarter is in Oslo, Norway.

Polewall ( is a technology company based out of Kristiansand, Norway focused on providing high bandwidth fronthaul and backhaul solutions for small cells, FTTx, LAN Bridging and vehicle-to-vehicle connectivity. Using an optical wireless platform, Polewall’s StreetHopper is able to deliver fiber-like speeds and latencies in an easy-to-deploy package.

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