IEEE 802.1 Interim Meeting to be hosted by TransPacket

The September 2018 IEEE 802.1 Interim Meeting will be hosted by TransPacket in Oslo, Norway. The IEEE 802.1 work group develops standards for Ethernet bridging. There are four active task groups in IEEE 802.1: Time  Sensitive Networking (TSN), Security, Data Center Bridging and OmniRAN.

TransPacket AS – Oslo, Norway, 20 March 2017. TransPacket is focused on developing IP Cores for Deterministic Ethernet and is an active participant in the TSN group of IEEE 802.1. “Time Sensitive Networking, and specifically Deterministic Ethernet, has become a key technology for many applications in many industries. TransPacket is looking forward to hosting the September 2018 IEEE 802.1 Interim Meeting in Oslo, Norway, and having a productive 4 day event”, says TransPacket CTO Steinar Bjørnstad.


TransPacket ( has patented and developed a unique technology for optical Ethernet transport with low and fixed latency. TransPacket defines a new class of service for packet based data traffic by bringing characteristics from line- and TDM-based networks into Ethernet, while simultaneously offering the high utilization and good performance expected in packet based networks. The IP Core products from Transpacket offer significant value for applications within mobile infrastructure including front-, back- and crosshaul, and applications within optical transport for access and metro networks. The company’s headquarter is in Oslo, Norway.

Media contact
Mickaël Fontaine, Head of Business Development, TransPacket AS,