Ultra-fast ring protection opens new business opportunities for carriers

TransPacket is launching sub-ms ring protection in our Deterministic Ethernet solution for optical networks. Protection switching within fractions of a video-frame and AC current cycle, enables high availability carrier services for broadcasting and utilities. This has been a key feature in OTN/SONET/SDH that now becomes available with TransPacket’s Ethernet solutions.

TransPacket AS – Oslo, Norway, 12th of March 2016. TransPacket’s FUSION technology is known to enable low latency and ultra-low packet-jitter Ethernet transport for optical networks. Ultra-fast ring protection empowers Ethernet with a function known from OTN systems.

Jimmy Persson at Stadsnätsföreningen, providing wavelength services to demanding customers throughout Sweden, points out that “The ultra-fast ring protection scheme extends the capability of our wavelength service offering. We can now offer Ethernet based virtual wavelength services with extremely high availability addressing a larger customer segment, including broadcasting and utility.”

Carriers’ optical metro and transport networks need to serve a large variety of services including availability, latency, and synchronization sensitive services. OTN wavelengths and sub-wavelengths enable the deterministic behavior required for these networks. However, Ethernet is steadily growing as a key transport layer protocol in optical networks. The TransPacket FUSION technology fulfills key requirements in optical transport, enabling an Ethernet virtual wavelength transport.

”The TransPacket ultra-fast ring protection brings Ethernet one step further as a transport protocol for optical networks. In addition to time and synchronization sensitive applications, FUSION empowers Ethernet as a protocol for availability sensitive applications. The ultra-fast ring protection scheme is now added as a feature in TransPacket’s optical networking H1 platform for carriers. The FUSION technology is also available as IP-cores from TransPacket for Gb/s, 10 Gb/s and 100 Gb/s Ethernet rates”, says TransPacket CTO Steinar Bjørnstad.